Bump | 34 Weeks


The past few weeks we've been going to regular parenting classes run by the hospital. Some of it is very 'Baby 101' and makes me think that a lot of people musn't read or ask questions, but a lot of it has been really interesting and informative. I now know how to swaddle! And I feel a lot less clueless about breast feeding! I am so grateful that hospitals now run these kinds of programs - I feel sad for women in the past who would have had so little information available to them (and were totally discouraged from breastfeeding! When my mum had my brother in 1980 she was the only woman in Melbourne Womens Hospital who breastfed!).


I have been feeling a bit miserable lately because I am just so bored! I can't think of any other time in my life that I've actually been bored. I have very few commitments and nothing impending, which is great really, but boring! All of the fun, creative things I felt like doing when I was working/studying I now don't have the same enthusiasm for. I've been doing a bit of painting lately though, so it's not all sitting in front of the tv watching back to back episodes of Auction Hunters (although a lot of that is going on too).


I had thought that baby movement slowed down a bit towards the end of third trimester but this guy just feels like a washing machine all the time (especially when I listen to The Beach Boys). At our last checkup the midwife viewed my stomach with wide eyes as he kicked around wildly. It's pretty fun to watch at night when I have trouble sleeping (which is often). People keep telling me "oh he'll be a hyperactive child then!". Yay?

+ Apologies for terrible iPhone photos! Must invest in new camera!