List | Things I'd Like To Make


I signed up for a Pinterest account a few years ago but didn't really do much with it at the time. Nowadays it is my first stop for so many things (it usually even wins over Google) - recipes, tips, finding clothes I like, DIYs and inspiration for a million different things. I like to browse it on my phone where the layout is less crowded and I can see each pin two by two.

 Of course, the essential thing one has to remember about Pinterest is not to let it overwhelm you and actually inhibit your creativity. Pinning a hundred DIYs is all well and good, but sometimes all of the inspiration can be stifling and you realise you've spent your whole afternoon off pinning things and not actually making things (guilty!). Over the past few months I've actually been setting myself some little DIY tasks to do and getting them done and that's such a good feeling. I thought I'd share some DIYs I've pinned on Pinterest recently that have got me excited to make things. Some things will have to go on the 'to do later' or 'to do much later' lists, but others would take five minutes or could be done in an afternoon.


1. Handmade Rubber Stamps by Lu Loves Handmade
2. Crocheted Zpaghetti Rug by Dandelion Days
3. Geometric Embroidery Notebook Kit by Curious Doodles
4. Magnetic Board with Fimo Magnets by Casa e Trend
5. Mounted Toy Animal Heads by Please Note
6. Doily Lampshade by Duitang


7. Fruit Welcome Mat by The House That Lars Built
8. Pet Pillows by Yellow Brick Home
9. Cake Postcard by She Knows
10. Photo Hoop by Brigitte
11. Make Your Own Baker's Twine by The Frugal Crafter
12. Chalkboard Helmet by New Window

What's on your crafty to-do list at the moment?
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