Memory Lane

I've reached that stage in pregnancy where I need to obsessively clean. Today I cleaned the whole house in the four hours while C was at work and then the contents of my computer came up in my obsessive cleaning crosshairs. Lately my external hard drive has been making horrible clicking noises and being very slow and I have been worried it was about to quietly die; taking with it years of photographs,  documents, music and video. So I sorted through every file on it and started backing it up. I thought I'd share some drawings I had hidden in the digital depths and some fairly cringe worthy old photos I found in my cleaning spree.

A drawing I made for a class last year but never used.

A drawing I made a few years ago when I was playing with ideas for a postcard for Bird In The Hand zine shop.

A card I made for a lady at work who was transferred to another store, based on a photo of her pups.

Some drawings I made for a class, but never used. I'd kind of like to do a few more with this theme.

I started making some alphabet flash cards to hang in the baby's room, but kind of fizzled out. At the very least, I'm sure I can have them finished by the time he starts to read!

And now, I introduce to you sixteen year old Bianca...

What have you unearthed from the past recently? Cringe worthy or nostalgia inducing (or a bit of both)?