List | Things That I Have Lost

...and not yet found.

+ Drawing by Sophie Roach.

+ A stuffed rabbit toy from childhood (I remember being really frustrated as a kid not being able to find it again)
+ My friend Turk's Clerks dvd (I put $40 in the case and gave it back to him without saying anything. He later said that $40 was way too much but that he spent it on food and has still never replaced the dvd)
+ Something like 10,000 bobby pins and hair bands
+ My favourite Doc Martens from when I was a teenager (actually, a couple of pairs)
+ A Courtney Love cd from the library that was really terrible and then I had to pay to replace it.
+ My friend Sarah's digital camera while we were on the Scooby Doo rollercoaster ride at Movie World on the Gold Coast in 2006 (I still feel really bad even though we're no longer friends).
+ My favourite bow belt
+ My chihuahua Claude when I was about five (my mum thinks he was eaten by a hawk)
+ A lot of time worrying, feeling guilty for no reason and having negative thoughts about myself
+ My favourite scarf from Tree of Life (pictured here)
+ Almost all of my group school photos
+ Many pairs of earrings (in fact, all pairs of earrings except the ones in my ears)
+ My dad (in the year 2000)
+ My dog Layla when I was about thirteen
+ The envelope on the back of which I wrote down all of my Grandma's family tree as far back as she could remember and info about each person's personality, occupations and life (hopefully I'll have a chance to sit down with her and ask her again one day)
+ Many of my close friends from high school (I think this is possibly for the better)
+ All of my baby teeth (that's a lie actually, they're all at my parents house in a little ceramic 'fairy house' that my Nanna made me - the tooth fairy still owes me a bunch of money for them!)
+ Many mementos of my childhood (childhood drawings, school books, etc. I wish I'd kept better track of them)


After feeling a bit melancholy after writing this list I thought it would be fun to also write a list of 'Things I've Lost... and found again!" or maybe a 'Things I've Found' list. Maybe sometime in the future.

Writing this list reminded me of all of the people who come into the supermarket where I work having lost their keys/wallet/phones/children's toys every day. It is kind of hard to keep sounding genuinely sympathetic (even though I am) after the tenth phone call of the day asking if I've seen whatever that person has lost, rarely I have. At the same time, there is a huge collection of lost property at my workplace, so of course I guess it is always worth checking. There's one woman who comes in with her children and has lost her keys at least half a dozen times and makes the staff look for them each time (one of my supervisors thinks she does it as a decoy so she can steal things). I've lost phones and wallets and keys a couple of times over the years but they've always turned up or been handed in so I feel super lucky. I even left my wallet in the toilets of Sydney Central train station and didn't have my money/identity stolen!

What's something you've lost that is memorable to you?