Just A Minute...

...in April.

I put together some new paper packs.

@sarakitty taught me to knit this weekend. Looking forward to practicing lots to make something fun for @elementeden_au's Knit Off
I learned how to knit!

'Instrument' #doodleaday #doodleadayapril
I started Ello Lovely's April Drawing A Day Challenge, but didn't finish. I'm bad at adhering to prompts!

Some bits from the markets: sad children prints (my favourite!), a bit of crochet to make into a cushion & a picnic rug made from vintage tea towels.
Another market find. Going to keep my paints in it.
Vintage dress #1 from markets.
I don't know what it was about these little guys but I decided I had to take them home from the markets.
Bought these shoes at the markets for $5 because they reminded me of Effie Trinket. Hoping they'll fit properly sans pregnancy.
I had some thrifting and market wins!

Undie draw monster #atticuskitty
Monster in a monster!
This cheeky cat hid in things.

Fun mess.
Painted a gnome.
A favourite lyric.
I played with some paints and pens.

Ridiculously cute baby clothes from @lovekatyha. I feel so very spoiled. Thank you lady! Just what I needed on a no good day. Adorable!
Katyha sent me the sweetest package containing the most delightful vintage baby clothes.

Such a needy cat! Not complaining though!
Three cats (one not pictured) and a giant belly. Big Friday night in here!
I ❤ cat toes
I spent a lot of time cuddling this guy.

@xavcob has been practicing his changing and swaddling skills on a maneki-neko doll. Very impressive.
C practiced swaddling and nappy changing on a stuffed maneki-neko doll! He's pretty good!

Getting dressed up to go see #qanda being filmed. Ps. Back to blonde!
I went to watch Q&A being filmed in Launceston and this is what I wore.

Tin Tin. Hopefully a new friend for Atticus #tintinkitty
And last but not least... Atticus got a new friend. His name is Tintin (named after the cartoon/book character) and he's very sweet. I'll have to tell you more about him shortly.

Listening | Alt J (new favourite), Rufus Wainwright & The Beach Boys (old favourites).
Reading | Silver Linings Playbook (loving it).
Watching | Game Of Thrones S3, Daria, One Born Every Minute (I know I shouldn't, ha) and Catfish.
Consuming | Litres and litres of 'Diet Rite Apple Raspberry Cordial'. I seriously caught myself last night semi-sleepwalking to the kitchen to get myself a glass in the middle of the night, obsessed.
Making | Paper packs, little gouache paintings and chocolate cake.
Looking forward to | BABY, BABY, BABY!
In May I'd like to | Be the recipient of many back rubs, finish a few books, do some fun creative bits and pieces and hopefully have a really boring old, stock standard birth (I've started having funny dreams about it)! I can't believe this time next month I'll probably be writing this post while cuddling a tiny baby!