Papery Things


I've been waiting for the past week for a nice sunny day to take some photos of these paper packs, but that perfect day just wouldn't appear so I made do yesterday while the sun changed every ten seconds. I have three packs for sale in my Etsy at the moment and am hoping to put together a couple more. They're very fun, albeit time consuming to put together! There's about seventy bits of papery miscellanea in each pack. Putting them together makes me want to get out my own supplies and make collages and art journal pages. Hope you like 'em!

Today we did some shopping then got home just as a massive thunderstorm broke over the top of us. Thunderstorms are extremely uncommon in Tasmania, probably one little one at most per year, but today's storm rivalled the tropical ones we used to have back in NSW. So much hail and thunder and worried cats, and then, an hour later, a perfect sunny afternoon...


+ first image (of hail, not snow!) by ABC Northern Tasmania