Bump | 37 Weeks


Whoops, I kind of forgot to take any photos of this giant belly of mine for three weeks. Though it doesn't really feel like it's gotten much bigger since the last time I took photos. I had forgotten all about this dress and I wish I'd remembered sooner; I probably would have worn it a dozen times more during pregnancy - something that fits! (I have had one or two of those weeping "I HAVE NOTHING THAT FITS ME!" days lately).

Yesterday we had a check up and the midwife poked and prodded me and seemed fairly sure that baby boy was breech and hadn't turned around yet. She started making preparations for me to have a formal ultrasound and to have him turned around and began explaining the risks associated with it and I was a bit disheartened, but thankfully I got to pop into the room next door for a quick ultrasound and it turned out he's happily head down - I guess heads and bottoms are kind of hard to tell apart. He's just very high up and is very long (which is possibly why my belly is very rounded. I kept feeling confused when people would say "wow, your belly is ROUND", thinking, aren't all pregnant bellies? But mine does seem particularly round). Perhaps he'll be six feet tall like his dad? (I'm 5'4").


I am so happy to be so close to the finish line. Except for some minor sleeping problems, a sore tailbone and getting the occasional stitch, I really haven't had much to complain about in these last few weeks and I'm really grateful for that. I'm still doing a lot of walking about, going into town and I even walked up and down the gigantic hill to and from my house last week (so very steep!). I don't think I'll be doing that again before the birth (I had to sleep for the rest of the afternoon afterwards), but it feels good to still be active. I think I'd go insane if I were bed ridden or told to limit my movements.


So, baby boy just needs to work on moving a little further down and he should show himself in the next couple of weeks - apparently more walking and sitting on an exercise ball will help with that. We took a tour of the labour ward a couple of weeks ago and it's really lovely there and has some beautiful artworks. I know that I should have packed my bag by now, but I guess I'm still using all of the things I'd put in it. I should definitely get around to that this week (Lauren and I were due to have our babies in the same week but she had her daughter 5 weeks early!). Tomorrow we're going to the open house inspection for a place I am dreaming of living in (though unless a lottery win is imminent I doubt will happen).

Ps. My cute brooch was a present from Holly. She's going to be finishing up her sweet Pannikin range of jewellery and moving on to different things shortly, so you should check out her cute wares before they're all gone.