Little Joys

+ Our new cat becoming friendlier and curling up with us on the couch (he has the softest fur!).
+ Sending off some fun mail.
+ Watching episodes of Call The Midwife.
+ Sixties and seventies home decor (my father in law cringes every time he looks at our seventies dining room sideboard - he is the opposite of nostalgic!).
+ Making my own face scrubs (I have really dry skin - I've been mixing a spoonful of honey, a spoonful of brown sugar and a tiny bit of oil with a squeeze of lemon juice and using it twice a week and my skin feels so much better).
+ Having a bouquet of chocolates delivered to my door, sent from some lovely friends interstate, out of the blue.
+ Having dinner ready when C finishes work (he usually does all the cooking, but I'm feeling the urge to be more housewifey since I'm home all the time and trying out new recipes).
+ Sending C texts with silly jokes (e.g. what do you call a guy with a rubber toe? Roberto!).
+ Painting my nails with bright colours, using nail stickers (see above) - I can't stop looking at them now when I'm typing!
+ Terribly worded, spammy robot blog comments.
+ Leaving blog comments - using Bloglovin is encouraging me to leave more comments because I actually visit each blog to read their new posts. Blogging is more fun when its interactive.
+ Adding pages to my pregnancy collage journal (see above). It's sometimes hard to know what to write, but when I can't think of much, I just try to give an idea of our mundane weekly happenings in each entry - I remember getting a kick out of reading some entries in my mum's old journal a few years ago that just documented daily happenings from when I was a baby. I really recommend keeping a journal to any pregnant (or planning to be) ladies out there.
+ Long back to back phone conversations with my mum and sister.
+ Tiny baby outfits and socks that fit on my thumbs!
+ Finding our two little cats curled up sleeping together. And watching them play fight and grooming one another.
+ Arranging books on the shelves in baby's room, picking the ones that are my favourites and imagining reading them to him (Seuss! The Hungry Caterpillar! Tiddalick!).
+ Week 39 being just on the horizon!