Bump | 39 Weeks


Hi there! I'm still here and baby and I are still happily cooped up together.

Tonight we went for a little walk around our neighbourhood before dark and took these photos. I love living on top of the hill if only for the beautiful views. Launceston puts on quite a show for Autumn too. Unfortunately it looks as though we might have to move again in the next few months, as our landlord is trying to fix up part of the house (that is ever so slowly falling down the hill) and then they're going to sell it and we'd prefer to move before that all starts happening, having a newborn in the house at the time. I'm not sure where we'll be moving to, but we have actually been having a little look at what might be available to buy, as interest rates and housing prices here are ridiculously low and it's pretty much a buyer's market. Launceston is the only place I've ever lived where buying a house has ever seemed like a possibility, especially on our tiny income.

We've been getting out and doing some fun things over the last few days which is making the time go a bit faster. Last week we drove to Hobart to stay with our friend Mel for a few days, hang out with my friend Andrew and see They Might Be Giants in concert. Very few bands, especially international bands, come to Tasmania, and TMBG are one of C's very favourite bands so he couldn't miss travelling down to see them despite it only being 10 days out from my due date. Initially it was just going to be C, but I decided to join him at the last moment and we had a great time. I'm not sure if the baby loved or hated the loud music but he danced around a little bit in response. TMBG were excellent (the concert even featured a puppet show!). I was worried I might've had to leave early or try to find a seat outside (they didn't allow seats inside the venue, wut?!) especially because we spent the whole day walking around Hobart. There was a girl standing next to me who was really pushy and trying to get in front of me the whole night (it really wasn't very crowded and I am quite short) and I ended up outlasting her - she wound up sitting on the floor looking like she had exhaustion. 3 months ago I don't think I would have lasted a whole night standing up and dancing around at a concert, so I think that is a testament to just how great I'm feeling right now! I wish my whole pregnancy had felt like this. The only real complaint I have is finding comfy ways to sleep.

+ coat: tokito/myer + dress: vintage + hat: cotton on + boots: doc martens.

We also went to film society this week to see 'Searching For Sugarman' - an excellent documentary about the American musician Rodriguez. He released two albums in the early 70s that barely sold a copy in the US and was assumed to have died (one rumour was that he lit himself on fire on stage) and he had no idea that his records had sold half a million copies in South Africa or that some of his songs played an important part in the anti-Apartheid movement. I highly recommend the documentary and now I can't stop listening to his albums.

Baby is showing no signs of arriving any time before due date, so I've been organising having people over to visit for little coffee dates. The entire house is clean now, so that's something I don't have to keep stressing myself out about (nesting hard). Next week we're doing something every day, but I'm also trying to force myself to laze around and relax, not because I feel like I need to (I have a ridiculous amount of energy right now!) but because I know once the baby comes I'll wish I'd let myself indulge in this time.

Here are a couple of photos from our walk:

A happy window.

These two boys were sitting at the window when we got back, wondering where we'd been.

Despite my impatience, I hope this baby stays in just until he's ready. Hopefully by this time next week I'll have something exciting to report and a picture of a tiny little squishy head to show you!