Nursery | Bits


I'm not quite finished decorating the baby's nursery yet, but I thought I'd share some pictures of some of my favourite little parts. I'd like to buy a big colourful rug and a nice rocking chair and some other not-entirely-practical items, but they'll have to wait until baby is born and I have some spare coins (thanks to my 18 weeks of paid parental leave). I'll do a proper reveal of the room after then. I hope he gets to spend a little bit of time in this space we've created for him before we have to move. Our real estate (who knows my due date) was kind enough to send us a letter today informing us of an upcoming inspection to take place while I'll likely still be in hospital... :| I'm hoping they'll be kind enough to let us postpone! I have had a lot of fun with this room and I love spending time in it. I think I might have mentioned before that both this bedroom and our bedroom don't have windows to the outside, they just have huge skylights in the centre of the room that have blinds you can pull over them - they're make the rooms really wonderful and bright. I am still a bit concerned that our house will be too cold for a little baby in this Winter - it has really ineffective and expensive heating. I do have a million blankets!


The lockers are definitely one of my favourite parts, as is the $10 opshop sideboard I painted. I will miss the overabundance of shelves when we move - they are great to store and display things. A lovely lady from my work gave me most of the books. She said she always hoped her sons would love reading as much as she does, but they prefer computer games. There are some classics in there - I am especially fond of Dr Seuss. I'm also hoping to get my hands on some of the old hardcover Sesame Street books I had when I was a kid. The yellow coat in the top photo was a beautiful gift from Marguerite. Every time I hang it up in the lockers I just take it back out again to peek at it - adorable!

I had some Braxton Hicks contractions the night before last and then basically had a panic attack worrying about not being ready for childbirth. I had considered trying raspberry leaf tea, which people claim can help tone the uterus muscles and ease labour, but I decided not to interfere and that whenever he wants to come out is fine by me, no rush! Four days 'til due date!

PS. My camera is on the way out - it was such a struggle to take/edit these photos! Another thing I'm hoping to be able to save for after the baby arrives!

PPS. Yes, his name does begin with a T! We'll spill the beans soon.