Just A Minute...

...in June.

When I went into labour I was watching Call The Midwife and painting my nails. My nails were a hit with the nurses and doctors.

A cute card the midwives wrote out and stuck on T's cot in hospital.

C took this photo of the sun rising from the window in our room in the hospital on the morning of the day Theo was born, while I was in the early stages of labour. I only saw it today as I was going through my phone and it made me smile.

Watching | Lots of the 'Lifestyle' channel - Grand Designs, Escape To The Country, Selling Houses, etc. while feeding. I have become a little obsessed. Kevin McLeod's teeth are so white! And it's that time of year again where we move our spare bed into our lounge room to watch Le Tour (things to watch late at night during feedings/witching hours are a plus).
Listening | C and I have been buying more records lately of some of our favourite albums. This week we splurged at our local record shop and bought The National's 'Trouble Will Find Me', Jeff Buckley's 'Grace' and 'The Reminder' by Feist. We've also had Brightly's 'Beginnings and Endings' on high rotation in our car.
Consuming | Some lovely people we know in Launceston just opened up a fantastic cafe called Garden Of Vegan.  Each day of the week there is a different selection of delicious vegan meals. I could honestly eat there every day.
Making | Hmm... milk?! Not much else! I have a little exhibition/zine idea I'd love to start brainstorming and working on next month.
Visiting | Milkbar, Garden of Vegan, The Harvest Markets and The Esk Markets.
Looking forward to | All of the new developments this little baby of mine will be making - smiles, yes please! I need interaction!
In July I'd like to | Get out some paints, write more posts, take more photos and take more time to enjoy the little joys of motherhood (and learn how to type one handed better - this post took me an hour to write!).

Hope you had a lovely month!
P.S. Thank you for the kind words on my last post. Each comment was a real help to me.