4 Simple Goals


Instead of making endless unachievable to-do lists (that 'measuring my self worth by my productivity' thing I mentioned in my last post), I'd like to just keep some simple goals in mind. What are yours?

This past week: I dyed my hair dark brown (I am so fickle with hair colour, but I love this one), we drove around one of Launceston's huge industrial estates (surprisingly interesting!) and found a tiny paddock right in the middle of it containing three very curious muddy horses, I made apple and carrot muffins, pesto pasta, a cheesy vegetable bake and minestrone (since giving birth I have suddenly had some housewifely urges, after letting C to do all of the cooking and cleaning for 4 and a half years!), I bought a cute new baby carrier (Ergo), I picked C's parents up from the airport and we spent the day at their house drinking tea and going through lots of black and white photos of C's dad as a child and some (hilarious ones) of C growing up in the eighties, we had a delicious late breakfast at Fresh, we drove around Invermay admiring all of the pretty Federation houses, we bought Theo a little rocker which he loves being in (it has monkeys that hang above him and he flaps his arms and legs about frustrated that he can't grab the monkeys - will keep you updated when he finally grabs the monkeys), we got delicious drive through burgers (and a peanut butter milkshake) at Flip and sat by the seaport and devoured them before taking Theo to get his 6-week shots, I had a really good counselling session (one of the ones where you only have positive things to talk about and worry they'll feel like you're wasting their time), Theo got to meet my old work colleague Mary while we had afternoon tea at Nanna's, we watched lots of Le Tour, we went to visit my friend Sara at her new house and Theo gave her lots of smiles, we went to the Harvest Markets and ate delicious Garden of Vegan laksa and rolls, we got stuck in a traffic jam (in Launceston?!), booked flights to visit my lovely sister in Melbourne next month and we looked at new cars to buy. What a week!