Little Joys

+ Five grain porridge with brown sugar, cinnamon, sultanas and soy milk on the coldest mornings
+ Nutella hot chocolates
+ A relaxing massage (thanks for the voucher Isis!)
+ Launceston at dusk. The smell, the light, the sounds, the air
+ Spontaneous drives in the countryside
+ A baby that 'sleeps like a baby' in warm, noisy cafes
+ C finding us Rodriguez' 'Cold Fact' on vinyl
+ Wood fire smoke
+ Spending time with my friend Tess now she's back in Tasmania for good
+ Falling asleep watching Le Tour
+ Spying snow on the peaks
+ A package of about 20 lovely colourful knitted things from my Nanna for Theo (the 3rd package she's sent!)
+ Secret baby smiles (for C but not me!)
+ Making time for a bit of creativity