23 before 24

23 Before 24 List
23 Before 24 List

I'm a bit late writing this list (my 23rd birthday was 6 months ago!) but it's something I've been meaning to do for a few months, once things settled down with Theo and I had some time to focus and think about it. I managed to tick off about half of my previous year's list. I like writing these lists, even if I don't always complete them, because they get me thinking about my goals and priorities and to try to challenge myself.

23 Before 24 List

1. Go back to university.
I'm hoping to take a woodcut printmaking workshop Summer school class in January and then go back to uni part time in semester 1 next year. I'm really looking forward to it. My classes are only ever 3 hours long and C only works nights so I should be able to work around Theo well. I have about 2 semesters left to finish my degree and I'd really like to get it finished and start my masters of teaching.

2. Document Theo's first year - I STARTED BUT I NEED TO CATCH UP.
I'd like to take lots of pictures, write lots of things down and make little journal entries in his baby book. I really enjoy documenting and I think it's really important and valuable.

3. Start a journal with my favourite recipes in it.
I really enjoy cooking but I always write recipes down on post-it notes or just read them on my phone and I always forget them.

4. Join a singing group.
I really hope I get around to doing this because it's one part of my life that I really miss. When I was a teenager I sang in front of thousands of people on multiple occasions, but years without singing on a regular basis has ruined my confidence. I just hope I can find one that suits.

5. Learn a new craft.
 I'd love to learn a new skill. Last year I learnt woodcut and linocut printmaking. I'd like to make time to attend more of Isis' workshops at Milkbar.

6. Go to the snow at least once.
I'm hoping to do this next week before it all melts! This will be the third year in a row that we've visited around this time of year. I've still never seen falling snow, but playing in snow on the side of the road is fine by me. I even found Theo a snowsuit!

7. Go to the beach at least once.
I love the beach so much but we don't often get the chance to go (distance + Tasmanian weather). I can't wait until it is warm enough to take Theo into the water. I hope he loves it as much as I did when I was a baby.

8. Cut my hair short.
I grew my hair out last year, but I'm pretty lazy at taking care of it and I just wear it in a bun 95% of the time. I think I'd like something cute and short and low maintenance (mum-bob here I come!).

9. Create something new each week - MOST WEEKS I DID.
C is really lovely and has been bullying me into having uninterrupted creative alone time lately. In the first several weeks after Theo was born I didn't get the chance to even think about doing anything creative and I felt really miserable about it and like I couldn't be myself. I'm finally getting the chance to make things now and I feel so much happier. I'd really like to plan and work on some little art projects.

I have until next March until I have to go back to my old job (or I can go back earlier if I choose), but I feel like it's time for a change, something more stimulating/a different environment. Tasmania's unemployment rate is pretty dismal at the moment, so this one might take a backseat for a few months.

11. See a band I like live/go to a festival.
Few bands tour in Tasmania, but every now and then they do and I want to make the effort to go out and see live music again. I'm currently contemplating a family Falls Festival visit over the new year.

12. Downsize & declutter.
I need to go through all of those piles of miscellanea and sort through and purge my (second) wardrobe and craft bookshelf, sell things, give away things and throw things away!

13. Take more photos of every day life.
When I first bought my SLR back in early 2010 we took it everywhere with us and were constantly taking photos of every day life. I just bought a new, smaller camera and am working out all of its buttons at the moment. I'm hoping that it will replace my phone as my go-to camera for capturing everything. iPhone photos just don't feel keepsake worthy.

14. Make a font.
I've dabbled before but I'd like to put a lot of effort into making at least one proper, usable font and offer it for free download.

15. Find a new home and have fun decorating it.
We only have a few more months in our current rental and ideally I'd love to buy somewhere, but in the meantime we're going to look for somewhere that we can live for at least a few years - somewhere for Theo to grow up in. I really love re-settling in a new place and making it feel homey. I basically just browse Domain.com.au in my spare time for fun and use my imagination.

16. Make lots of time for Theo. 
This is a huge priority and I want to devote as much time as I can to spending quality time with him. Reading to him, teaching him, playing with him and introducing him to new things.

17. Go for lots of trips with Cam & Theo.
I'd like less of our money to go towards 'things' and more to go towards interesting experiences. We love to take day trips in the countryside and visit Hobart, but I'd like to go further afield in the next few months and visit the West Coast and Cradle Mountain and maybe some of the tiny islands around Tasmania.

18. Make a photo album. STARTED!
I started a wedding album before Theo was born but it is nowhere near finished and I'd love to properly archive all of my old photos and make a new album for pictures of Theo.

19. Make another zine.
I'd love to make a hand-drawn zine and a collaborative one with my brother and sister.

20. Read (at least) 5 good books.
I read some great books last year but I have trouble seeking out great books. Any recommendations?

21. Be more social.
I'd like to keep in contact with people better, meet new people and join a mothers group. I have a tendency towards being antisocial and I'd really like to make more of an effort with people.

22. Make my own '100 Ideas' list ala Keri Smith - STARTED!
I've been meaning to do this forever. Possibly a zine idea?

23. Be nice to myself.
I'm harbouring a lot of negativity towards my body post-pregnancy (cesareans are no fun) and I'd really like to be kinder to myself, see my counsellor more often, exercise regularly and eat better.

23 Before 24 List

Tell me one of your current goals.

Ps. One of my goals was going to be to make over my blog, but I managed to do that tonight on a whim! Come peek if you're browsing in a reader.