Weekly Thrift


I've been trying to go opshopping once every few weeks - it's one of my favourite past times. I go to five in one trip up Invermay Road. I'm usually mostly looking for practical baby items but I just can't pass on some cute homewares. I'm really trying to cut down on how much 'stuff' I have. We live in a big three bedroom house and I feel like the bigger the house, the more things you accumulate to fill it with. I've given away about 10 bags of things to charity in the last few weeks but if I had the time to go through things in storage, I could easily give away another 20! Here are some things I found this week:

I found this balsa wood dear head and I think I might try collaging or painting it for Theo's room.

A cute cushion cover made from a vintage sheet (a good idea for using old patterned sheets).

A sweet wooden train set with alphabet blocks. When the train moves the blocks all turn around. My eyes basically turned into love hearts when I realised that the blocks spun around. I would have loved this when I was a kid.

Some sweet aeroplane bookends. I'm a sucker for bold, colourful children's graphics.

These curtains are probably my favourite find of the week. Theo's room doesn't actually have any windows to the outside to put curtains on (it has a skylight) so I'll have to put them away until we move house. It is kind of tempting though to turn them into a skirt or something!

There's no harm in collecting girly baby clothes for a future baby is there?

Another one for the collection. No cute vintage baby boy clothes this time sadly!

Have you had any second hand wins lately?