Weekly Thrift

I haven't been opshopping properly in a few weeks but today I popped into the Mission Shop in the city and found this sweet crocheted blanket and a little bundle of Summery clothes for Theo.


I also thought I'd share that I've been working on a crocheted Zpaghetti rug. I owe 101% of my progress to Isis' great teaching. I'm going to add another colour and extend it out to make it a proper floor rug. Atticus was admiring my handiwork. This is my first attempt at crochet and I'm starting to enjoy it (I felt like an idiot at the start). I did most of this in an about 4 hours (I'm slow).


This week I've been thinking a lot about the future. I have been trying to work out in my head the logistics of returning to university next year and realised that if I just take two subjects each semester next year and take a Summer school unit and a Winter school unit, I'll be able to graduate at the end of next year. I didn't want a full course load because I know that baby and university juggling will in itself be a challenge, so it was a relief. I hope that I can make it through - I'll try my hardest but the saying 'P's make degrees' is kind of sounding in my head. After I graduate I'm planning on doing a masters of teaching, which will take two years, but it still doesn't feel too far away in the distance. Beyond that hopefully lies a long, enjoyable career of primary school teaching (and C getting to live out his lifelong dream of being a stay at home dad).

I'm also playing with the idea of some travel in the months after I graduate. My sister and her boyfriend are wanting to spend two months in Europe in early 2015 and I'm working out the logistics of tagging along. My head is all abuzz with university major work ideas and travel ideas. Exciting!