Just A Minute...

...in September (reliably, a day late).


Watching | The Killing (finished!), Breaking Bad (watching the finale tonight) & The Mindy Project.
Consuming | Banana coconut muffins & pumpkin cake with chocolate ganache & getting adventurous with making dinners (lots of spices).
Listening | Hesitation Marks - NIN
Making | A tiny zine, little doodles & fancy nail pattens.
Enjoying | All the little noises my baby makes & his new skills (grabbing things, rolling over, chatting). I can't get enough of that guy.
Amused | by The Bedroom Philosopher at Fresh Comedy Night.
Looking forward to | Spending time with my sister & her partner next week, visiting the Great Western Tiers, flying back to Newcastle and spending time with family.
Annoyed | by the tradespeople taking 2 weeks off working on my house, thanks to the wet weather, so we still can't get out the front door!
In October I'd Like To | Be creative & make each day count.

This past month was really lovely.