Just A Minute...

...in October.

My little possum #babyjagoe
+ I've been carrying around this little possum.

#babyjagoe is cool
+ Making him wear his uncle's Ray Bans.

Went shyly into a travel agents today to ask some questions. Makes it a tiny bit closer to being real @sarahjagoe
+ Making baby steps towards planning a European trip with my sister.

Going to see if this is worth the hype
+ I've been reading lots of baby books.

I'm full of delicious Wanderlust Food Van goods
+ There are some pretty lovely food vans in Launceston - Wanderlust and Tacos de Pancho.

Cheese! #babyjagoe
#babyjagoe is having a much happier day today. Yesterday I had a different baby entirely.

Did you know that feet are delicious? #babyjagoe
Arm is asleep but I dare not move it #babyjagoe
I wish I felt this good right after I woke up! #babyjagoe
+ And just generally hanging our with this happy little fellow.

Watching | Homeland, Downton Abbey & Would I Lie To You.
Listening | 'Are You A Conspirator' - Kieran Ryan
Consuming | C's delicious curries, fried vegetable couscous, Wanderlust vegetarian pies & Milkbar's mixed berry smoothies.
Reading | Bringing Up Bebe - Pamela Druckerman, The Bedroom Philosopher Diaires - Justin Heazlewood & Call The Midwife - Jennifer Worth. 
Visiting | Newcastle (currently in).
Enjoying | Making art, spending time with family old friends and watching my little baby grow and learn.
Making | Little sketchbook drawings.
Looking forward to | Taking Theo for his first swim next week and spending more time with family - we have a massive couple of days planned.

I hope you had a lovely month!