Happy Places | The Centenary Centre


We just got back from two weeks away in NSW and now I'm looking at the '0' posts next to November and feeling a bit sad about it, already being halfway through the month! We had a really lovely time seeing friends and family, but it is always bittersweet. Tasmania has my heart 100% but the thought of seeing our family and friends there on a regular basis sure tugs at the heartstrings. Moving back is not something I could decide to do on a whim and I would worry so much that I'd regret it and want to come back straight away. We just wish we could package up and ship our friends and family down here (C is ALWAYS trying to convince them to move here). As Theodore gets older though, I feel like the pull towards being around family will become stronger and we may consider moving back, though certainly not forever.


Anyway, from time to time I'd like to do a post about some of my favourite places. The Centenary Centre in Newcastle near Civic Station is probably my favourite vintage shop ever. Funnily enough, I can't recall ever purchasing anything there though! I step inside its doors and spend hours fossicking, but can never choose just one or two things - it's like a museum to me. It is an enormous warehouse building filled with 25 little shops which you can wander through, filled with every vintage and antique item your heart could desire. It's a special place. I'm sure that if I lived back in Newcastle my home would be filled with decor from the Centenary Centre.

This is what Theodore thought of the Centenary Centre.

A little somebody is making two rather sharp, painful teeth as we speak and won't leave my lap, so I'll stop this one-handed typing and go cuddle up with him, some Mindy Project and a cup of tea.