Bits | Moving House


We've known we'd have to move out of our current rental for a couple of months as the owners were selling it and we started looking at new rentals. After being turned down for a couple of lovely places we applied for, and feeling a bit disheartened, C's parents were kind enough to offer for us to live in their old house (they just bought a new one and aren't ready to sell the old one yet). It was the first house we lived in when we moved to Tasmania (as C's parents were away on holiday for a few months) and it's always been a place I loved and felt at home in. I am a bit in love with this little cottage and can't wait to move in completely and for it to start feeling like home. I'd like to do a proper house tour when we're all moved in, but for the moment, here are some little bits.


Some of my favourite things about it are: the clawfoot bath (I'm going to treat myself to a big bubblebath when we've moved in), the lovely English country garden (I'm going to have to grow some green thumbs to keep up with all of those plants!), skylights, the polished boards, the original fireplaces and the location - it's not far from the city and my uni and it's totally flat, so bike riding is a go! We're looking for a little bike trailer for Theo to sit in and I can't wait to take him for rides.

There's a little studio out the back which used to be a boat shed. I'm going to set up a desk out there for making things - I just hope I don't get too distracted by the garden outside - perhaps it can be inspiration?

The view from the kitchen window. There's a glass business building behind the back fence which blocks out a bit of sun in Winter, but I'm going to lap up the sunshine in the backyard this season while I can.

The neighbours gave us some zucchinis and said that they'll give us some squash and pickles when they're ready. I said I'd swap them some apples and lemons.

The clawfoot is calling my name.

I counted over 30 apples on the apple tree! They're nowhere near ready yet though, but I've had some from this tree over the last few years and they're the best apples I've ever tasted!

This little guy was tuckered out from all the moving.

Posts over the next few weeks might be a bit few and far between as we slowly move to the new house. Thankfully, we can move out over a couple of weeks, which will work much better with having Theo around all the time while we're trying to pack and move furniture. I'm really trying to declutter and donate a lot of items because the new house is quite a bit smaller than where we are now. I think it might be time for a paper destash - how did I accumulate several huge boxes of miscellaneous paper?! I am so looking forward to living in this house and I love that even though we likely won't be in this house for a long time, it will probably be the first house that Theo has memories of.