Bits | Christmas


Our Christmases are always pretty understated. If we lived nearby to family we'd love to get together and exchange gifts and eat delicious food, but being 1000km away means that we usually have a very quiet day. As you've probably gathered, we're also not religious, so it also feels kind of hypocritical to make a big event of it. This year we went for a lovely scenic drive to Low Head and back through Gravelly Beach (the name really describes the place) and Swan Point (I did see swans). A really beautiful part of Tasmania. We had a picnic near the water in Low Head and would have stayed longer if it hadn't been for my raging migraine (from being kept awake the night before by a cheeky boy who wouldn't go back to sleep and wanted to play). I hope that however you spent your December 25th, it was enjoyable.

Out the car window on the drive home.