Just A Minute...

...in December.

Outlining today. And then... my pen ran out.
Started on the map part of the traffic controller box today. The next picture of it I post should be the finished project.
I started working on painting a traffic controller box that will be installed in my city. I've still got a bit left to do, but I'll do a proper post about it when it's done. I've so enjoyed doing it.

A cute #Launceston paste-up.
I saw this cool paste-up in Launceston.

At the opshop, in my size, very tempting.
I spied these overalls at an opshop in my size and debated buying them.

Napping boys #bab
We had some nice family naps.

Lilydale Falls #Tasmania #babyjagoe
#babyjagoe, @crimpity, @kaskathepooh & I at Lilydale Falls #Tasmania
Some sweet friends visited us from Melbourne and we showed them some of Launceston's attractions, including the very beautiful Lilydale Falls.

Red door #Launceston
I spotted this cute house while walking home.

Stolen from @xavcob. I just realised this is the 339th photo tagged with #babyjagoe. Which seems pretty excessive considering he hasn't even been alive for that many days... #icanthelpmyself #babyspam
We had a little lunch with C's parents a few days before Christmas and wore the obligatory paper hats.

Taking @crimpity & @kaskathepooh for a drive through the Lilydale countryside #tasmania
Poppy fields #tasmania
We went for several drives in the countryside. Tasmania is so beautiful.

...and the hilarious outtakes #babyjagoe
Theodork, dressed by @scathinglybrilliant #babyjagoe
I dressed this little boy in some dorky outfits (the one above was a gift from Kate).

#babyjagoe's first time sitting in a shopping trolley. Good work.
Somebody learnt to sit up this month! And joined me on a bit of gift shopping.

Baby food making time! #babyjagoe
I made Theo lots and lots of baby food (we do a bit of baby-led solids and spoonfed).

Bumbos are for cats too #atticuskitty
I tried to take time to pat and appreciate my lovely kitties.

At Clover's 1st birthday party, eating pink cake & macaroons @elle20121
We attended a sweet 1st birthday party for little Clover.

It's hard to get out of bed today #babyjagoe
A regram from @xavcob. #babyjagoe enjoying the new house.
This little boy kept us happy and entertained. Crawling is scarily close.

Reading | Rookie Yearbook 2, An Illustrated Life & Kidwrangling.
Watching | The White Queen (not quite sold on it yet), Homeland (anyone else feel like the finale was anticlimactic?) & Fresh Meat.
Listening | Ed Sheeran.
Visiting | Mona, Hobart, Lilydale Falls, Richmond & Low Head.
Consuming | Low FODMAP foods (and I feel so, so much better).
Making | Painting my traffic controller box.
Looking forward to | Settling into our new house, decorating and sitting in the garden, picking flowers to put in vases, going for bike rides, going to my Summer school unit, my mum visiting soon.

I hope 2013 wraps itself up nicely for you.