2013 | Highlights

I spent the first half of the year preparing for and growing Theodore and the second half adjusting to the whirlwind experience of parenthood. We had some lovely trips and spent time with lots of people we love and I'll remember it fondly. Here is a little recount, more for jogging my own memory than anything else.

In January: We rang in the new year by attempting to eat a pomegranate, we found out we were having a boy, I spent a couple of days in Newcastle and attended my friends' wedding, I met my newborn nephew Moby and had a belated Christmas feast with my family, I got home and there was a sweet little black cat in my house named Atticus, our friends Chris and AJ came to stay, I started work on Theo's nursery - painting every piece of furniture I got my hands on.

In February: C and I celebrated our 4th year of being together, I went opshopping and to the markets a lot and started making a ridiculous amount of felt balls while watching Twin Peaks.

In March: I started 3rd trimester, I celebrated my 23rd birthday, C's brother came down to Tassie, C's dad went into hospital for a major operation, we went for a lovely drive to Devonport and swam at the beach, I started my maternity leave from my job, we went for a drive to the Bothwell Spin-In and I bought new art supplies and started making some things for friends.

In April: We started pregnancy classes, I made a whole bunch of paper packs, we went to see Q&A being filmed in Launceston, I learnt how to knit, I went opshopping with Holly, I painted a lot and we got a new kitty named Tin Tin.

In May: We waited patiently for Theo to arrive but he was late to the party, my parents arrived, C started his leave from work, we went to look at a house we wished we could have bought, we went to see They Might Be Giants 10 days before my due date and I basically finished the nursery.

In June: That baby boy of ours was finally born and we had a hard time adjusting to the whole rolldercoaster ride, but by the end of June we had a bit of a better handle on things, my parents went home and my sister came to visit, we started going out for lunch a couple of times a week despite how chilly it was outside, we moved our bed into the lounge room and stayed up late feeding baby and watching Le Tour.

In July: Baby smiles! I bought a really great baby carrier that made taking Theo places so much easier, we had our first outing without Theo to see Anna Karenina, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, C went back to work, I went to a rally for asylum seekers, had a crafternoon with Isis and went to a couple of markets.

In August: I joined a gym, our friend Mel came to stay, we went to Hobart for a few days, we spent a week in Melbourne and visited my sister and her cute baby, Theo met one of his Great Grandmas and hung out with my friend Sophie.

In September: I got a new camera and started taking lots of photos, the front of our house started to be renovated, C started work on a short film, I went to Sarah & Holly's exhibition & zine workshop, I started doing more art, we had a picnic at Punchbowl Reserve with C's parents and we made a trip to Hobart to see a soccer game and stay with our friend Mel.

In October: My sister and her boyfriend came to visit, I started my Project Life album (still catching up), our friend Mel visited for a swing dancing event and we watched lots of dancing, I did lots of sketchbook doodling, renovating work finally finished on our house, Theo started eating solid food & we flew to Newcastle for two weeks.

In November: We spent the first week or two in Newcastle catching up with family and friends, went to a soccer game, spent some time in Forster, Dungog and Maitland and Theo met his Great Nanna and we went for a sweet day trip to Deloraine.

In December: We watched the Launceston Cycling Classic, Theo turned 6 months old, I started painting my traffic controller box, we were visited by our friends Sophie & Kaska and we took them to Hobart, Mona, Lilydale & Cataract Gorge, we had an early Christmas lunch with C's parents, took a drive on Christmas Day to Low Head and we started moving into our new house.

Music I enjoyed this year: Rodriguez, Rufus Wainwright, Peter, Bjorn & John, Paul Kelly, They Might Be Giants, Ed Sheeran, Alt J, Big Scary, Brightly, Willie Mason, Liane La Havas, Gravenhurst & The National.
Good books I read this year: Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick & Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.
Shows I enjoyed this year: Twin Peaks, Bedlam, Breaking Bad, Fresh Meat & The Killing.
Movies I enjoyed this year: Anna Karenina, Silver Linings Playbook, A Royal Affair, Monsieur Lazhar & Searching For Sugarman.

Some little resolves for the new year:
+ Write 52 Lists
+ See more bits of Tasmania
+ Go back to university and do my best to finish my degree
+ Spend more quality time with C
+ Treat my body better
+ Start making things to sell at markets
+ Purge my hoards of miscellany & organise

Happy new year to you!