Dear so and so

Dear internet provider,
Please hasten reconnecting my service - I feel disconnected from the world (but really, I'm kind of enjoying the internet down-time)!
Yours, I've-used-up-all-my-data Jagoe.

Dear teenage boy at the burger shop,
When you accidentally dropped my debit card and I said it was karma because I snapped my husband's card by accident and you said that it was 'card-ma', it pleased me greatly.
Yours truly, burger and pun fan ("would you like puns with that?").

Dear Theo,
You make me so excited for the future.  I am so impressed by your oh-so-nearly crawling and your exceptional hand-eye-coordination. You love trying new foods and your favourite at the moment is Greek yoghurt.  You are sleeping mostly in your own room now but I do miss being close to you all the time. I'm about to go back to university so I won't get to spend as much time with you, but you and your dad are going to have such good times together. You are such a sweet,  happy boy and you make me feel like the richest person alive. You have the best smile I've ever seen.
I love you very much,
From your mum.

Dear UNHCR telephone man,
It made me laugh so much when you were waiting for me to tell you my details and I thought you were logging something in your computer,  so we both sat in silence for 30 seconds waiting for the other. I liked how funny you found it too.  Also, thanks for chatting with me for 15 minutes about world events before asking me for money.
Yours, happy I could make a small contribution.

Dear Zooey Deschanel,
How do you get your fringe so perfect? Tips?
Yours, bang-jealous.

Dear Isis and Holly,
Thanks so much for accompanying me on an opshopping adventure - I hope you'll join me for round two later in the year. I really enjoyed your company.
Yours, opshop-obsessed.

Dear Bianca a year ago,
Don't cut your lovely, long hair. You will regret it!
Yours, impatiently waiting for it to grow back.

Dear C,
Thank you for all the work you put in for our little family and especially for all of the sleep- ins you let me have even when I know you've had less sleep than me. I know you'll be so much happier now that you've quit your job and you can be the stay-at-home dad you've always wanted to be. It will make me so happier to see you happy again and doing what you enjoy.
Lots of love, your wife.

Dear Launceston drivers,
Please learn how to use indicators and stop speeding. You make me feel unsafe.
Yours, self-proclaimed excellent driver.

Dear family,
Please come and live in Tasmania immediately. You'll really like it here,  I promise.
Love, your daughter/sister/aunty who misses you greatly.

Who do you need to write a letter to?