Thrifting Adventures Pt. 1


A week ago Isis and Holly accompanied me on a little road trip up North to go opshopping. We left by 9am and took our time and managed to visit a handful of opshops in Deloraine, Latrobe and Devonport. Apart from a raging migraine, I had a lovely day and it was great to spend time with Isis and Holly, not to mention, picking up some goodies.

Holly is cute as pie.


Sunny's Antiques & Collectibles in Deloraine is one of my very favourite second hand shops and was a must-visit on our travels. It's the kind of shop where you want to buy everything, but walk in and feel totally overwhelmed by all of the beautiful things and end up only buying one thing. It's hard to pull the items away from their beautiful displays. Libbi, one of the ladies who runs it, is a total delight to talk to and you can see how much enjoyment she gets from curating her beautiful shop.

Libbi makes these beautiful handmade skirts from tablecloths.

We stopped at Laneway Cafe in Devonport for lunch and I had an enormous breakfast.

I loved the decor in their bathroom.

Before we headed home we checked out the Devonport Antique Emporium, which was pretty incredible, jam-packed full of antiques on their top floor. We spent quite a long time checking out all of its nooks and crannies, though after we left the three of us discussed how we kind of prefer 'the thrill of the chase' when it comes to second hand things, and like to uncover them ourselves in opshops rather than curated in an antique shop (with antique shop prices).

These were some items I came home with.
This cute backpack from The Black Hen.

Some little toys for Theo.

This little toy caught my eye at the Antique Emporium and the lady at the counter told me that it was American and from the 50s. You pull it along and the little bear hits the xylophone and plays a different combination of notes with each turn of the wheels. It was one of my more expensive purchases of the day ($15) but I just couldn't part with it.

I thought the graphics on these dominoes were really beautiful, from Vinnies in Latrobe.

I found an overabundance of baby girls clothes, but nothing for my boy. And, no, we're not having another baby any time soon, just collecting for the future!

I found this child's Tintin shirt, which I knew C would love (it will be a few years before Theo will fit into it) and Isis picked out a nice cropped, short-sleeved cardigan which I would have worn all this week except for this ridiculous heat wave (Tasmania is NEVER this hot).


Shops we visited:
+ Salvos, Deloraine
+ Vinnies, Deloraine
+ Sunny's Antiques & Collectibles, Deloraine
+ Golden Opportunity, Deloraine
+ The 2nd Hand Shed, Deloraine
+ The Black Hen, Deloraine
+ Deloraine Secondhand
+ Lifeline, Latrobe
+ Vinnies, Latrobe
+ City Mission, Devonport
+ Antique Emporium, Devonport

Next time we'll try to make it a little further and get to Ulverstone, Penguin, Burnie and Wynyard. I'd also like to plan out some Hobart opshops to visit when we next visit. Have you had any thrifting wins lately?