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Today I spent the whole day cleaning my house. It felt good. I love this house so much and it feels good to be good to it.

I have one week before I go back to university and I know that it is going to be a huge year, so I want to spend the next week sorting out my office, unpacking the last lingering boxes, watching some new shows with C (The Bridge & Rectify) and on the floor playing with Theo. Here are some pictures from my (not so) lazy Sunday afternoon.

I finally found a kitchen table I liked for our tiny dining space and made a 2 hour round trip yesterday in the rain by myself to pick it up. I had been scouring opshops and Gumtree for an old laminex table but I thought this one suited the house more, even if it doesn't go with my bright orange vinyl swivel chairs. I am a bit addicted to Gumtree.

I really like spending time in Theo's room. Today I hung up some more pictures (with help from my tall husband).

We have an enormous lavender bush in our backyard and despite the bees' protests, it was time to harvest it. Sadly everything in the garden is dying down, ready for a cold Tasmanian Winter. I'm going to give some friends bunches of the lavender for their homes.

Rigby is a lot happier at this house. In our previous house, the two young boy cats weren't allowed outside and would relentlessly bully Rigby to the point where she would pick a space in a room and stay there for days. She's actually a little bit affectionate now and doesn't mind being around us or the other cats.

Mesca is good at glaring.

Earlier in the week we made a quick trip to Hobart to see DJ Shadow. International acts rarely come to Tasmania, especially ones we love, so I jumped at the chance. I bought the tickets in secret and organised for our lovely friend Mel to mind Theo and surprised C with the tickets as an anniversary present (5 years together!) - before the show we went to a fantastic burger place and I picked this Lucky Beer for C to have with his burger and made him keep the bottle for a vase. Unfortunately neither of us enjoyed the show (a combination of a bad venue for the type of music, patrons who danced violently and stomped on my feet, the sound being ear-drum-burstingly-loud and the act not really living up to our expectations). That was a long story to tell you where I got a bottle!

I always thought bathrooms were ugly places never to be photographed, but our new bathroom is pretty cute. I love prints of mountainous landscapes with rivers and I think this one works really well in this space, like a little portal into another world.

You know how there are those days when you hate every item of clothing that you own and feel like you have nothing to wear? Thankfully I don't seem to have those days any more - I have so many dresses I love.

Tintin and C in the kitchen.

A bit chipped, but I still love the colours.

Getting ready to roast some cherry tomatoes (given to us by our neighbour) and rosemary from our garden.

My boy and his toys. Today while I was cleaning he went through my shoe collection and became totally fixated on a pair of red t-strap high heels. He just sat there holding them and turning them around in his hands. I thought I'd put them on and show him what they were for and he followed me around trying to grab them!

Another spot Rigby enjoys.