Little Joys


+ sharing a smile with a stranger
+ taking photos from the passenger seat
+ sprinkling herbs from our garden on everything I cook
+ trying lots of different teas at T2 (a tea shop where they have tiny little orange cups and jugs of tea that you can sample). There were so many I liked but the boxes didn't have prices on them, so I just assumed they were out of my price range!
+ tickling my baby and listening to his sweet giggles
+ neighbours who share their fruit and veggies with us (today: a huge bag of cherries and a more blueberries than I've ever seen in one place!)
+ finally organising a housewarming party. It will be a vinyl party, so our friends can bring their favourite records and we'll play them, or they can pick things from our collection.
+ Theo's ambitious crawling. Achievement unlocked! He crawls so well and so quickly and is so proud of himself. He can pull himself up to standing in his cot, but he had an altercation with the coffee table today where he tried so, so hard to pull himself up, but it just didn't quite happen.
+ C's delicious curries
+ finishing up painting my traffic controller box (bittersweet!)
+ replacing the battery in the bathroom scales and looking down at a number that didn't make me feel bad.
+ going on a movie date, sans baby. My mum took care of Theo one night while she was staying with us so that we could go to the first screening of Launceston Film Society for the year. We saw 'Enough Said' with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini & Tavi and really enjoyed it.
+ bright blue nails
+ being nice to our garden
+ swapping a friend of ours a slow cooker for his food dehydrator (dried bananas, yay!)
+ trying on fancy dresses, even if I didn't end up buying any.
+ drawing with a really good black pen on white paper
+ everything Theo does. I love feeling those little pangs of joy in my chest.
+ coincidentally discovering that there is in fact a website dedicated to Little Joys.

What's bringing you joy?