Weekly Thrift

The location of our new house has fantastic proximity to opshops for optimum thrifting opportunities. I'm trying to watch my wallet at the moment (hello broken washing machine out of the blue, goodbye savings) but I figure that opshopping is my recreation, because I don't go out drinking or partying or have any expensive hobbies, so I let myself spend a little here and there. This week I found a couple of sweet baby items and some nice miscellany. Some of the baby clothes don't actually fit my big eight month old, but I'll keep them for a one-day baby.

I thought this romper was particularly cute and I made Theo wear it as soon as I got home with it. Look at those juicy leg rolls! I like to squeeze them and make him giggle.

Cute children's clothes hangers.

A pop-up book about cats. As you can imagine, C was pretty taken with this. Must keep out of Theo's reach until he is older.

I had one of these green heart pillowcases already, so it was nice to find its pair - I wonder if they are in fact from the same set. I've never read any Donna Tartt but have had this book recommended to me on numerous occasions and am a bit desperate for an engrossing read.

Sweet red overalls and a brown vest with gingerbread men buttons.

I love anything gingham and wooden toys.

Theo won't fit these cute suits sadly, but I'll add them to my future-baby collection.

I've been trying to find some fun toys for Theo at the opshop and so far he's pretty taken by these two. Toys are so expensive new and the overabundance of perfectly good ones at the opshop an indication as to the disposable nature of toys.

Ninety percent of the time Theo wears coverall zip up or press-stud suits. Most of the mums I know dress their babies in 'real people' clothes (t-shirts, jeans, trackpants, hoodies, etc). Maybe it's me trying to keep Theo looking like a baby, but I veer to the side of extreme practicality just about all of the time - I want things that he can move around in easily, that keep him warm and that can get roughed up and messy, but it is nice to get some things that are more hard-wearing or that make him look more like a little boy than a baby like these stretchy jeans and overalls. I'd also like to say, I love superfluous baby clothes pockets - what is he going to keep in them? Rocks? Food scraps? His dummy?

I love button-on pants. Don't look too closely though because Theo already wore this set to our friends Isis and Damien's 'Year of Retirement' party (they sold Milkbar) and he devoured many strawberries from their garden which got all over him and I'm working on getting (C to get) the stains out. I suppose that is the beauty of thrifted clothes! This one cost me a dollar.

Something to hang on the wall and put tiny things in? Sold! I might paint it a different colour, though I like the white squares among the pink ones.

I have been looking for a nice big rug for our lounge room but haven't really found anything that was just right (colour, size, price). I grabbed this shaggy blue circular rug from the opshop because I thought that Theo would enjoy the texture (which he does, but he also enjoys pulling out the fibres!). It definitely does the job for the time being.

Have you had any secondhand successes lately?