List | Seen From My Bicycle

#cutebike #bikesoflaunceston Possibly a Papillonaire?
Another cute Reid bike at my uni #bikesoflaunceston #cutebike
#bikesoflaunceston (not quite Launceston, but close enough) - a vintage style Trek out the front of a cafe in Perth #cutebike
#bikesoflaunceston #cutebike Stephen Fleming's Dutch Cargo Bike
#cutebike #bikesoflaunceston A fancy Schwinn! #jealous
I keep seeing cute bikes at my uni and thought I'd start a hashtag for each time I see one #bikesoflaunceston #cutebike

The photos above are from a little Instagram project I started doing - when I see a cute bike in my city, I take a photo and hashtag it with #bikesoflaunceston. There are some cute bikes about!

Things I've seen while riding my bike lately:
+ A yellow crested galah hanging upside down by it's toe on a gate in a residential area, dead. Macabre, I know! I rode past later and it had disappeared.
+ A dog in a car with it's head out the window, who, as the car turned in front of me, shook his head slowly at me with a serious face.
+ Two bikers out the front of the supermarket, one who I heard laugh and mutter something about the flowers on my bike basket as I approached, and as I passed by he said "Good morning! You look happy", to which I said "I am happy!" and kept riding.
+ A little girl riding along a street near my house, on several occasions, and we pass by each other and smile and ring our bells.
+ Several people cut me off or drive by me in a dangerous way or not give me right of way. That sucks.
+ A man walking with headphones in, singing along quietly in monotone.
+ A man walking with headphones in, silently rap-miming along to his music.
+ Two cats in a street near my house sitting side by side, looking deep in conversation.
+ Two little girls with a lemonade stand who gave me a cup of lemonade and some loom bands for free because I didn't have any change. The lemonade was awesome and they told me their very elaborate recipe!
+ Two ladies walking along the bridge really slowly. I rode behind them for quite some time without them noticing me (my bell is loud and obnoxious) and eventually they noticed me and moved to the side and apologised and told me I should have rang my bell at them, so I told them my bike bell was really loud and obnoxious and rang it for them and they agreed and we laughed.
+ A couple canoodling in the park quite enthusiastically.
+ A man walking along the main street flicking through wads and wads of cash (like, thousands).