Worn | Magenta


Can you tell it's Autumn? Tasmania puts on a big show at the change of seasons. Autumn was the season I really fell in love with Tasmania. The air is crisp, you open your front door and everything smells like woodfire smoke, it's cold but not too cold, the trees are electric reds, oranges and yellows and you can't see your lawn any more because it's covered in layers of leaves. Last week C raked up all of the leaves in our yard and the very next day, it was ten times worse than before. I laughed.


I bought these shoes last week on impulse after seeing them in a shop for half price. They have a sizeable platform on them which is pretty fun. I used to wear Converse when I first started high school. My mum had an eBay addiction and would get me cheap pairs online. They looked pretty weird in a sea of skate shoes (anyone my age remember those white Etnies with the blue or pink E's on the side that my parents never would have forked out for in a million years?). I remember girls in my year making fun of my shoes, but I really liked them. I was obsessed with Harriet the Spy when I was a kid and she had a pair. Later on, I got a couple of pairs and would wear mismatched pairs with bright shoelaces. A few years into high school those girls who made fun of my Converse were wearing them too which I liked. They're so comfy, I put them on when I get up and don't take them off until I get into bed. They're not a colour I would usually wear, but they're making me pull things out of my wardrobe I haven't worn in a while, like this dress.