Worn | Retro Yellow Shoes


I found these ridiculous shoes for $5 at an opshop a few months back and tried them on and they fit me near perfectly (if a little snug). I had kind of bought them to be what I like to call (and which my husband hates) 'ornamental shoes'. Impractical, but gorgeous. I have quite a lot of ornamental shoes. But I have in fact worn these shoes twice. I wore them to Evandale Markets last weekend and I am sure that if my husband and my friend Holly never hear the sound of them again it will be too soon (they have tiny little metal 'taps' on the toes and make a ridiculous sound when I walk). Anyway, I love them.


This dress and cardigan were my very first vintage purchases, about ten years ago. I bought them from Raymond Terrace Salvos when I was about fourteen and they're still some of my favourite vintage purchases. The dress came apart in places over the years from over-use but nothing a needle and thread couldn't fix. The teapot buttons on the cardigan were an addition by my teenage self. It is nice to think of my teenage self wearing this outfit around my tiny country home town.


I have to admit that I rarely buy new clothes for Theo. 80% of his wardrobe is thrifted and the other 20% are things people have given me or that my husband has bought (practical onesies and the like). It's not (just) that I'm cheap when it comes to these things, but moreover that I just never see anything I like in retail stores and I always see something I like when I go opshopping. This little blazer was an exception and it was heavily reduced in price and Theo is in dire need of Winter clothes. And I'll admit, it is nice to have some items that are new for a baby. I wade through a lot of pilly and stained baby onesies to find goodies. My vintage baby girl dress collection hit 40 items last week - my husband thinks I have a problem and is worried we may never have a girl baby to wear them - he is one of 3 boys!


Theo's top 4 teeth have all broken through now (phew!) and are coming down ever so slowly. It is so sweet when he smiles really big and I catch a glimpse of them and see what he'll look like with teeth. The middle top two are so far apart at the moment - an adorable little gap!


+ My outfit: all vintage except the tights from Sussan.
+ Theo's outfit: all vintage except blazer from Target.