Worn | Rally in the Park


Today C, Theo and I attended an anti-budget rally in Prince's Square. I tend to remain fairly apolitical online, however I think it's important not to shy away from important issues (also, it looks like there is a fountain coming out of my head).


I spent most of yesterday painting a sign for the occasion - it was fun to come up with (I could think of a dozen more butcher themed references - telling porkies, we're on the chopping block, etc), but uni was cold and it took me forever to mix the colours of the gouache! There is a Facebook group called the Abbottoir which was the inspiration - if you weren't aware, our prime minister's name is Tony Abbott. There was a great show of people. I made C hold my sign for a lot of the time because I was feeling shy. He got his photo taken by a bunch of people including the local newspaper and then when he had to hold Theo (who wasn't really enjoying the loud crowd, though told a stranger about the two "cats" he could see, that were actually dogs), I held the sign for a while and had my photo taken by some people too. I saw a picture of it on the Instagram page of our local newspaper and C's parents told me they saw the rally and my sign on our local news.


I haven't worn this coat in a while because, well, it doesn't quite button up anymore. It only just buttoned up when I bought it, but these days, no dice. It's also not particularly warm and today was absolutely freezing. I saw Jacqueline's mustard coat and thought I'd pull mine out. My dress is a recent acquisition from Dangerfield. It is the last day of Autumn and I'm bracing myself for a typically freezing Tasmanian Winter.


Our friend Sylvia sent Theo this shirt and so far this is the second rally he's worn it to. His face in this photo makes me laugh a lot - those teeth are so far apart!