Just A Minute | In June

Riding home, freezing my butt off.
I spent a lot of time on my bike.

Fancy shells
I did some painting for my new zine.

Oh my god #babyjagoe
This little boy filled me with joy with his hammy faces! In the past month he has started to have so much personality - he laughs at things, follows me around, shows me things, tries to make me laugh and seems to really enjoy being around other babies. But he still doesn't walk without holding onto things!

Found these Melissa shoes today out of the blue, for cheap too!
I bought two cute new pairs of Melissas (on sale).

#combi #Launceston
I passed this combi on quite a few chilly Winter morning bike rides.

I went on uni break and got to spend some more quality time with this sweet guy.

I had to pack up my studio today :'( will return and redecorate after semester break.
I packed up my uni nook and took it all home! I felt really sad about it (we had to pack them up) but I've moved it all home into our backyard studio and I'm really happy there (albeit very chilly!) - I'll share photos of that soon.

So, there's a jumping castle in the ceramics studio at uni out of the blue!
There was a jumping castle in the uni ceramics studio out of the blue one day! I had a jump!

Cool typography in the wild #invermay
I saw some cool typography in the wild.

Watching | The Tunnel (a bit obsessed, we have to force ourselves to go to bed at midnight after bingeing on it each night), Orphan Black & Game of Thrones.
Listening | 60s girl bands (like this mix) and Clairy Brown & The Bangin' Rackettes.
Making | Finishing up all of the semester's uni work. I'm on break now which is such a relief, because I worked so hard all semester. I hope it pays off, but I'm really proud of what I ended up with regardless. I also did a really fun commission I'll have to share sometime soon!
Reading | Hello, NY! by Julia Rothman (I loved it and I think I might do a review about it)
Consuming | Soy mochas (Fresh on Charles has the BEST I've ever had)
Coveting | Old pianos.
Purchasing | A new (used) car, yesterday! It gets dropped off tomorrow! Cute shoes & a mod vintage dress.
Looking forward to | Spending time with my boys over the break, going to Hobart next week to see Clare Bowditch and attend her singing workshop, making copies of my zine to sell (I think I'll do online and real paper copies), starting next semester's uni project & hopefully, maybe going up to NSW for my sister's 21st birthday.