Zine | Paint It Black


This is my new zine! It is about weekends spent staying with my dad in Stockton, NSW in the 1990s when I was a kid. It is full of illustrations, drawings, paintings, collages, post-its, haikus and a large written component. It is A5 size, 40 pages in total (10 A4 pages back and front), full colour, bound with thread and printed on high quality 125gsm matte paper. Due to being in full colour, printing copies has been quite expensive, so the price unfortunately reflects that. As a result, I am offering hard copies for purchase and digital downloads.

The listing for the hard copy of the zine is here. The listing for the digital copy of the zine is here.

The zine contains a selection of illustrations I made for my uni Studio Project A unit last semester. I decided to focus on themes of childhood and the nature of remembering and it was a thoroughly worthwhile place to focus my energy - unearthing memories, interpreting them visually and researching memory. The zine ended up being what I handed in at the end for assessment, along with prints of the illustrations. In the early stage of the project, I read a lot about the psychology of memory and found a lot of the science fascinating (memory is so cruel!). I read lots of great things while researching memory, but some of my favourites were this article by Oliver Sachs about the accidental 'plagiarism' of memories and cryptomnesia (George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord' is possibly a significant example of this), the idea of childhood amnesia and lots of articles by Elizabeth Loftus but especially her work on false memory.


In the digital download you will immediately receive the 18MB pdf file of the zine to read on your computer/other device. You can even print it out yourself if you want to. At the moment I'm doing pre-sales for hard copies of the zine - when a couple have been ordered I'll get a batch printed (hopefully no longer than a week or two, it's cheaper to print in a batch) - I have a couple of copies printed at the moment that can be posted straight away.

If you choose to purchase a digital copy and then decide to purchase a hard copy too, I'll credit you the price of the digital copy.


Ps. If you share a childhood memory of your own in the comments of this post (and your email), I'll randomly choose 3 people to send a free digital copy of the zine in the next few days.