Theodore is one!


This week was Theo's first birthday! He and C share a birthday which I love. He got a bunch of lovely items from family members (and my mum bought ME a sewing machine for his birthday so I'll start making him clothes) - we got him a few things over the past few weeks, so there wasn't really a present opening ceremony from us. A lovely blog reader named Maria sent Theo the sweetest book too. The three of us went out for breakfast at one of our favourite cafes in town, Fresh on Charles, where Theo got to ogle his favourite waitress; the very beautiful Lizzie (she loves him too). Then we came back home and got ready to have some friends over for dinner. Theo ate his first cupcake (red velvet with cream cheese frosting). C is pretty militant about Theo not eating things that aren't good for him (and me too usually), but everyone has to begin their relationship with cake at some point. He mashed a lot of it into the floorboards and put some in Holly's drink, but seemed to enjoy what he did taste. All of those cliches about time are true when it comes to children - it flies. He is a lovely, happy little person and a total joy.

Theo in a list:
+ 6 teeth: two bottom & four top.
+ walks around holding things, but not yet without holding on
+ says "cat" and "dad". Can spot a cat from a mile away (in someone's yard, on packaging, on TV, on a mobile phone).
+ climbs over things and up stairs
+ tries to explain things in babble speak
+ extremely flirtatious and coy with strangers
+ plays peekaboo with us, hiding behind corners and popping out
+ likes to make music, plucking my guitar strings
+ dances to music (a sweet little side to side head bop)
+ drinks cow's milk
+ eats mostly by himself except for runny things
+ loves all food especially pumpkin, cheese and pasta
+ understands the word "no" and "stop" and responds accordingly (most of the time)
+ has a bunch of hair (but it's so fair it's hard to see)
+ laughs at daddy being silly, at me blowing in his face, at the cats, at himself, when everyone else is laughing, when I blow raspberries on his belly, when he hurts me.
+ likes to take all of the cans out of the pantry and put them back in in his own arrangement
+ would prefer to play with the packaging from toys or with empty cartons and bottles in the recycling bin than with toys
+ has to have some of whatever we're eating
+ gets very excited about bathtime, jumping up and down holding onto the side of the bath while the water runs
+ blows raspberries on my belly
+ is learning how to pat the cats and not tear their fur out
+ will put a pillow over C's face and lie on it if C's laying on the ground with him
+ sleeps mostly in his own bed, but we still bring him in for early morning cuddles sometimes
+ does this funny little smile sometimes where his mouth is open and you can see all of his teeth and his nose is scrunched up and his eyes are closed

To many more lovely birthdays!