Worn | Bicycle Riding


A couple of months ago, after some trouble with my sweet old bike, I decided it was time to retire her and get myself something new and well made and that was going to last me a long time. I researched bikes for a long time but kept coming back to this Lekker Vintage bike (vintage in style, but not actually vintage) - it was on sale, so it was meant to be!


I'd like to say that it's a total dream bike, but I've actually had a series of problems with it from the day it was first assembled (the wheel rubbed against the frame and skirt guard due to a part missing as well as gear problems). Thankfully I have a great bike mechanic and Lekker are fixing the problems for me under warranty (at the moment, the gears don't stay in well). I'm looking forward to it being my dream bike soon!


It is lovely to ride otherwise - nice and upright, light and smooth. I didn't realise that there would be much of a difference in rideability between this bike and my old one. I really love the vinyl skirt and chain guards. I also love the back rack with its elastic straps (where I keep my coat) and the double kick stand. One of my very favourite features though, is the built in lock - it cannot come off without completely disassembling the bike - it connects around tyre and then there is also a covered chain that can be attached to secure the bike to a pole. My lovely Basil basket is actually supposed to be a side pannier, but I liked it better on the front. It's great because it has a handle and you can just take it off when you park and put your shopping in it. My basket liner is actually a bag I bought from the post office near my house - apparently the one of the receptionists at the doctors next door makes them - the pattern is to die for. I wish I knew where the fabric was from, I have dreams of a dress in that pattern.

My new bike is obviously a bit less eye catching than my old one, but I'm hoping to add a couple more pops of colour (mauve coloured puncture proof tires to begin with!).

Pulling faces at Theo who was out of shot.

+ My dress is from Ishka and my necklace is a teething necklace from Jellybeads.


Here are some fancy bike things I'm currently coveting:


1. Across Town Bicycle Shorts
2. Violet Rain Coat
3. Bolt Bike Reflector
4. Fixie Upper Bike Tool Kit
5. Cat Valve Caps
6. Heart Bike Mirror
7. Bike Planter
8. Dyno Light Set
9. Diamond Bike Laser Lane Tracker (shoots out lights behind your bike that create a 'lane' for drivers to see)
10. Green Leaf Bike Pannier
11. LED Wheel lights
12. Tannus Musai Punctureless Tires
14. Red Pannier Bags
13. Heart Spoke Reflector

Happy riding!