Illustration | Drawings for other people


From time to time I receive lovely requests for commissions. I thought I'd share two that I really enjoyed doing. Both of these commissions were drawn with my graphics tablet and hundreds of layers. I really love doing commissions, working to briefs (and peoples budgets) and creating personalised images for people.

A lovely lady asked me to draw a portrait for her wedding anniversary of she and her husband and their pup and some of the things they liked most (including travel, cooking and AFL football). It was so fun to work on.


Another lovely lady asked me to make her a thank you card to send to guests who attended her wedding, drawing from the beautiful flowers in her bouquet. Thankfully my mum is a budding horticulturist and was able to tell me what all of the flowers in the original bouquet were so that I could study them. The design for the final card had a beautiful photograph of the bride and groom on the front, some of my drawn flowers on the inside and the image below on the back.

This drawing of the whole bouquet was just for fun and wasn't used for the card.

Very good fun!