Just A Minute | September

I made some hanging plant holders from twine for the kalanchoes on my verandah.
I made some hanging plant holders from twine for my front verandah (so easy to make! I used this tutorial).

Some more zine orders ready to be posted. If you'd like one, I have 5 left ('goodnight little spoon' on Etsy) :)
I posted out some more zines.

Took a moment out of giving myself an aneurism over uni work to paint some Clonettes.
I did something creative that wasn't uni related.

I had some jaw pain and assumed it must have been me getting my wisdom teeth, but an x-ray and a $250 dentist appointment later, I realised I don't have any! The dentist told me I was "highly evolved" and that my jaw pain is probably caused by clenching my jaw from stress. I have one month left of my degree, so hopefully the stress dissipates after that.

I'm very lucky to have a really neat backyard studio (which was once a shed to store kayaks). It isn't totally finished inside (the plasterboard needs to be filled, sanded & painted and some other bits and pieces, but I lack the know how) but it is so awe
I spent a lot of time in my little studio doing uni work (which is what I am avoiding as I write this post!).

Cool idea
I saw this cool foodscape map at Fresh cafe.

#babyjagoe today. #pleaseignorethemess
I enjoyed the company of this boy.

This would only ever happen to my mum.
My sister sent me this text message and I laughed.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.27.25 AM
And then my mum put up this picture to demonstrate how similar the toothpaste and deep heat tubes were and I laughed again.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.18.47 AM
Theo and I went for a walk to the shops and the park and we were meant to share this icy pole, but someone was greedy. It was his first ever icy pole, so I guess he's forgiven.

I've always wanted a Ficus.
I potted up some plants. I have always wanted a Ficus.

Listening | The Rubens, Big Scary & Dark Was The Night.
ReadingArt, Inc by Lisa Congdon & How To Be An Illustrator by Daryl Rees.
Watching | True Blood, The Mindy Project & Grand Designs (it's like comfort food for me).
Making | Have I mentioned that I've been doing UNI WORK A LOT?!
Consuming | Warm Vegemite scrolls.
Purchasing | Nice art books and art supplies.
Coveting | Free time.
Looking forward to | Being finished my degree and spending the Summer in my garden, going for nice drives around Tassie, playing with Theo and making non-uni related art.