Worn | Purple & Red


C, Theo and I took a drive to Hobart yesterday to watch a soccer game. We also stopped into T2 to buy some more Liquorice Legs tea (my favourite), JB Hi-Fi to ogle old radios (I want an old fashioned looking digital radio for my studio so I can listen to Radio National) and Dangerfield (I don't buy clothes from anywhere else anymore) and I bought this sweet dress. I'd tried it on last time I was there, didn't buy it and regretted it, so thankfully 25% off sweetened the deal this time. I am wearing my purple suede Crocs in this picture - purple, suede and Crocs sounds like the worst combination ever, haha. I never knew that Crocs made shoes that aren't hideous. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and I bought them at the opshop for $6.


The soccer game was good (Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory) and C got to meet an internet friend (who he calls his Perth doppelgänger) who was visiting Hobart. Theo is at that age where he just will not sit still, everything and everywhere has to be explored. I see other little boys who just stand with their parents or sit on a picnic rug with their family - my boy is not that kind of boy. He has to be constantly moving. I don't think he cares where he is going, but he just has to be going somewhere. And so unless I strap him into his pram and keep him there, he'll just wander off and keep wandering! Occasionally he'll look back to see where we are, but that doesn't really seem to be of much concern to him. I like to let him just wander by himself, as long as I can see where he is, but at a heavily populated event like a football game, with sloping bitumen (which he fell over and grazed his face on a few times) it's not so easy.


I've been trying to ditch the pram more often and just go for a walk down the street, letting Theo walk alongside me. He gets easily sidetracked by his reflection in shop windows or the need to climb on things or go down alleyways or stuff his pockets with gravel, haha. There is a park just around the corner from our house, just an expansive grassed area - and Theo will just wander around that huge patch of grass for hours. I guess having just learned how to walk, the world is his oyster.


His favourite activity at the moment is watering the garden with C, with his own little yellow watering can. And playing with his big pink bouncy ball. He's also at that really mimicking age where you cough or sneeze or laugh and he'll copy you. He also makes that little clicking noise with his tongue and pats his knees, trying to make the cats come to him (like C does). Needless to say, I am loving this age.


Our garden is looking pretty lovely at this time of year. The waratahs are flowering and so is just about everything else. I've had severe hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis since I can remember and I had an allergy blood test a few months ago which said that I had severe grass/pollen allergies (what a surprise). I had an intramuscular steroid hayfever injection which is actually helping a lot and means I can spend lots of time in my lovely garden without sneezing into catatonic state. I'm looking forward to making a proper veggie garden in it when my mum visits in December for my graduation. I want to plant snow peas and spinach and pumpkins and beetroot. C has already planted rhubarb and raspberries which are popping up.

+ dress: princess highway, top: dangerfield, shoes: crocs, collar clips: sweet & lovely.