Yellow Coat


+ Coat; Nannas, Stockings; Myer, Shoes; Vivienne Westwood/Melissa, Dress; thrifted, Hat; handmade.

I have worn this coat every day since I bought it early this week. It is my happy coat. It is also, sadly, not very warm. It is about as warm as it would be if I wore no coat. It has a sweet round collar and single pleated back and tiny gold buttons which keep falling off. I wore it today, the only day besides Christmas that my work is closed, to a work get-together to farewell a sweet lady we work with.

+ This morning C got up and told me to go see what Morrissey had garnished his food bowl with; my hair clips. These hair clips were in two different rooms and he found them, carried them in his mouth and placed them in his bowl. They now smell of cat food :/

A bundle of good bits; Laura's lovely guide to cycling to work (BIKE ENVY!); lovely CM & THOMSEN water colour splatter dresses and shirts (I want to try making my own); Karli's quoting of 'A Stepping Stone'; this video of my hometown Newcastle in 1945; the word 'callipyginous'; old postmark Photoshop tutorial; Crocheted collars; The Listmaker Collective; send Diana a postcard; Krisatomic in Iceland, Andrea's guide to unusual royal wedding souvenirs; Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes; the backs of webpages; From Me To You amazing animated gifs; Catalog Living.