Bump | 40 Weeks


Today's the day!

But I have a feeling this boy will be late to the party. No signs yet. I just really hope not to have to be induced. Today we went into town to have lunch at Milkbar, pay our rent, buy some fabric and some groceries and we took these photos in the park. Women at the shops and at our real estate asked me how long I had to go and when I said "today!" they looked at me like I was insane for being out of the house.  But I feel good!


I made myself a moby wrap tonight using some cute fabric that C picked out (cats with umbrellas!). It was the last thing I was hoping to get before having the baby and I'd been looking at the (really boring) ones online and thought they'd be easy to make. If you're considering making one - it is literally just a long strip of fabric that doesn't have too much stretch - 5m by 60cm. The slightly stretchy cotton I bought doesn't fray so I didn't need to hem it. It cost a quarter of the price of branded ones (thanks to sales at Spotlight) and much cuter fabric! With 5m off a bolt the width is about double the amount you need so you can make two per 5m of fabric. Try this tutorial if you're keen. I tried it on and put Atticus in it to test it out and he loved it and is still in there two hours later! Nice and warm too!

Well, I think I'm going to play some GeoGuessr (latest obsession) and have some tea!