Just A Minute...

...in May.

Passing the time watching Firefly and painting. Someone's late to his birthday party.
I added some pages to my pregnancy/baby journal.

Today is baby day! I have a feeling he'll be late to the party though. In the meantime, having a sleep in with #tintinkitty
Cold weather is good cat weather
Tintin became a lot friendlier and cuddlier and is now a big part of the family.

Went to the open house of a place I wish we could buy today. The kitchen wallpaper makes me go
We went to the open house inspection of a house we'd love to buy - this is what the walls in the kitchen look like. The thought of someone else buying it and ripping out that wallpaper makes me cry!

Super cute buttons from @hollyleonardson. They're on sale in her shop for $4 a set - you should get some too!
My sweet friend Holly came over for tea and cake and I purchased a little bundle of her lovely buttons. Lots of the things in her shop are on sale at the moment.

Launceston, you pretty
Another day, no baby!
C and I took several walks at dusk. Launceston is so lovely at any time of day.

#tintinkitty #atticuskitty
I made some little paintings while watching TV.

Sitting together in a little patch of sun #tintinkitty #atticuskitty
Basically the same photo I took 3 days ago. Get some new photo ideas guys! #tintinkitty #atticuskitty #sorrynotsorryfor1000catpics
My boys #tintinkitty #atticuskitty
Everyone's comfy #atticuskitty #tintinkitty
Daily picture of my cats snuggling #atticuskitty #tintinkitty
Tintin and Atticus spent a lot of time cuddling and play fighting. It makes my heart hurt every time I see them curled up together (which is usually), it's so cute.

Ten points if you can guess what the growth is in the front of my hoodie #atticuskitty
#atticuskitty is looking forward to me having a lap again so he doesn't have to sit on my chest all the time (me too)
Made my own moby wrap and tested it out with #atticuskitty. Works great! Just need the baby to put in it!
Atticus insisted on cuddling up on my chest every night.

A bit messy, but getting better! Ps. Day 4 gone, still no baby.
Getting the hang of using nail stickers.
I painted my nails about a dozen times.

#tintinkitty is sweet
Someone is feeling as lazy as I am today #atticuskitty
The cats are glad we've returned from Hobart.
I took a LOT of photos of my cats! Cold weather is good for cat photo taking opportunities.

Ridiculously sweet yellow coat and bonnet set from a ridiculously sweet overseas mail friend. I want it in my size!
Marguerite sent me this fantastic coat and bonnet set.

5 days overdue!
...and last but not least, I didn't have a baby this month (well, I am scheduling this post from the 29th, so I'm just assuming he won't have emerged by the end of the month)! June baby it is!?

Watching | Firefly (again), Call The Midwife, The Checkout, Searching For Silverman.
Reading | I finally finished Silver Linings Playbook. It is an exceptional book. I really want to watch the film again soon. I think I'm going to try to read the 3rd Game of Thrones book next.
Consuming | Homemade cranberry and oat biscuits, lemon syrup cake and red velvet cupcakes. So nesty!
Listening | Rodriguez (we have almost listened to 'Cold Fact' once every day for the past two weeks!), They Might Be Giants, Feist, Jefferson Airplane & Bull Moose Jackson (a bit of a mix!).
Visiting | Hobart.
Making | Little paintings while I watch TV.
Looking forward to | Wanna guess?!
In June I'd like to | take time to soak up and enjoy every little moment of my first month of parenthood.