Bump | 41 Weeks


Well, I sure didn't think I would be doing a 41 week post, but here I am in all of my enormous glory!
Today we got so bored of waiting for baby we went for a walk to the park on top of our hill with our new pram.

At my appointment on Thursday the doctor (who was very funny) just kept pulling confused faces at my belly and throwing his hands up in the air. He said to see how things went over the weekend and then go back into the hospital on Monday to book an induction. I am eight days overdue today! I feel really well and healthy and have been on several big walks this week, but I can imagine other pregnant ladies not being so lucky. I haven't had any pain or any real signals at all. C's mum was a whole month overdue when she was pregnant with his eldest brother - I can't fathom waiting that long!

My parents arrived this week and we've been having a really nice time just going for walks with them and eating out. Several months ago we bought our pram second hand online and my step dad picked it up for us from Sydney and then they brought it with them on the plane coming down here. It was a fun family effort pulling all of the parts out of their wrapping and putting them all together. It sure is pretty.


Today is the first day of Winter and it was lovely and sunny and warm in the park.
Now, I promise not to write again until I have baby news!