Hello | Baby Theodore


Just wanted to check in quickly to let you know that, much to our delight, that baby of ours arrived this week, on his dad's 33rd birthday. I had an eighteen hour labour, was fully dilated and spent a whole lot of time pushing, but due to the position of his head had to have a c-section, which both Theo and I came out of with fevers and had to be put on antibiotics and monitored (seeing a cannula on a baby is awful). We just got home this afternoon and are happily adjusting to life as three. He is feeding wonderfully and I am getting back to feeling like myself (c-section recovery was so much worse than I expected but on day 5 I'm feeling near enough to normal). Our families have met him, but we're going to wait a few weeks before having visitors, to adjust and so that he can have his vaccinations before becoming a social butterfly. These are some photos taken on my iPhone of my little Theodore. Hope to write again soon.

2 hours old!

His going home outfit.

Coming home.

Sweet smug little smile.