Tiny Bits

Starting to look around at things. Discovered today that holding him close and singing stops him from crying. Learning! #babyjagoe

As you can imagine, time for blogging is slim around here, but I thought I'd share some quick snapshots of life lately. We're still adjusting and at the moment C and I are working on a kind of shift system where he stays up at night with a bottle of expressed milk and I sleep, then he sleeps during the day. It's working quite well (six hours sleep at a time! So good!) but we don't get to see a whole lot of one another or sleep beside each other. Theodore had his 2 weekly check up yesterday and is gaining lots of weight and is nice and healthy. I am still healing from my caesarean but feeling a lot better each day. I hope to have time for some proper posts soon.

My sister flew down for two days as a surprise and it was so lovely. I miss her so much already. Having her here was extremely uplifting and she helped out so much.

Getting out of the house and going for little walks has really helped us to adjust and feel more like our selves.

We have received some lovely gifts over the past few weeks - one of my favourites is the amazing cushion above from McKean Studio. I'd had my eye on it since Megan first shared pictures of them online and I feel so lucky to own one of her lovely pieces. A big tin full of (the most delicious) chocolate chip muffins from a lovely lady named Maria was delivered to my door last week too. Such a lovely surprise. My work sent flowers and a bundle of gifts and my Nanna is sending me oodles of cute knitted things each week.

Milk drunk.