Just A Minute | February

Vintage heels in my size $5 at the opshop. I wonder who wore them first and where they wore them to.
I found these amazing yellow vintage heels at the opshop in my size for $5. And some free baby hands.

Cute foodie details at Isis & Damien's 'Year of Retirement' party.
We attended Isis and Damien's 'Year of Retirement' party - Isis' lovely style is always present in everything she does!

I finished painting my traffic controller box, though it still hasn't been installed yet. I'll show better pictures of it when it has been installed in the city.

A cute dress I bought today from Target.
I treated myself to this cute dress at Target.

A lovely blog reader sent me this cute tea cosy. I thought it made a good #babyjagoe hat.
I put a tea cosy on Theo's head (thank you for the gorgeous tea cosy Gitte!).

Rode home with a basket full of herbs and a big bag of potting mix on the back. A bit wobbly!
I rode my bike most days (we haven't used the car in so long!) - today I went to the hardware store and loaded myself up with herbs and potting mix. It did make for a rather wobbly ride, but I made it home!

The pretty pastel purple & yellow colours of this house always remind me of @kategabrielle
I admired the house colour choices of the homes of Invermay.

Served up a bit too much, but here is my colourful dinner tonight : sweet chilli chickpeas, leafy greens, crispy tofu, roast sweet potato, cheese cubes, left over brown  rice & beans.
I ate lots of good things. I have stopped eating gluten and a bunch of other things because I basically had a permanent belly ache for a long time and now I feel so much better. I am still pinpointing particular foods that make me sick, but so far the gluten free thing hasn't been too difficult because I'm mostly eating food at or from home. I am not a coeliac but I seem to have a sensitivity to wheat - if you're the same way, I highly recommend a low FODMAP diet.

This is how #babyjagoe felt about his first taste of kiwi fruit. He is also a big fan of cheese as you can see.
Speaking of food, Theo tried his first kiwi fruit. Loved it.

#babyjagoe needed a piggy back home from the shops because the pram was the devil.
I gave this boy some piggy backs with minimal hair pulling (and we inadvertently matched our clothes).

#babyjagoe is 8 months old today. He crawls, stands up in his cot and eats food by himself. I like him.
He crawls like lightning. He stands. He says "DADADAD" and "MUMUMUM" and something that sounds ever so slightly like "Cat". He feeds himself. He's a ham.

Little blackberry hands #babyjagoe
Blackberry fingers.

Mysterious eye graffiti.

#babyjagoe wakes up at 7am every morning with a massive grin on his face, blows raspberries in my eyes, rips out my hair and searches the bed for cats, then sits and pulls at their fur gently and they don't seem to mind.
Theo wakes up at 7am every morning with a grin on his face, blows raspberries in my face, rips out my hair and searches the bed for cats, then sits and pulls at their fur gently and they don't seem to mind. He also laughs at them when they're near him and tries to catch them.

Reading | Freehand - Helen Birch.
Watching | Teevee: Rectify (loved it), House of Cards (only the first episode but I could take or leave it), True Detective (same goes for this one) and The Checkout. Films: The Book Thief (at the movies with mums's group), What Maisie Knew (which I really liked), Enough Said (enjoyed), An Education (loved Carey Mulligan and Peter Sarsgaard) & Murder By Numbers (can't help but love Ryan Gosling even though the movie left much to be desired).
Making | A cosy little nook at uni. I'll share some pictures next week.
Listening to | Lucy Schwartz & Josh Pyke.
Visiting | Hobart to see DJ Shadow (which I wished I enjoyed more).
Looking forward to in March | My twenty fourth birthday, getting into my studio project at uni and spending lots of time in my little nook making, planting herbs on our kitchen windowsill, maybe just maybe buying a digital piano and Autumn leaves.

This month I started running. When I was a kid I ran a lot. I got up early and ran and then came home and made my lunch and went to school. I was the fastest kid in my school for at least a year or two and before that I definitely gave the other fastest kids in school a run for their money. I won ribbons and I was sports captain and basically obsessed with sports (hard to believe, I know). But when I got to high school, I just stopped exercising and I basically haven't since. I never put on weight despite my lack of physical activity and I was happy with the way I looked (well, as happy as any teenager can be). But now my body feels like it wants to run. I don't run very far or for very long, but it feels so nice to be running again. Invermay where I live is lovely and flat and the streets are quiet and friendly and full of cats and nice to run through. My only problem is that I don't like to run during the day when people can see me, but there aren't many street lights around at night. I hope to continue running through March.

Going back to university has made me so happy already. I know it's only a week in and if you ask me again at the end of semester I'll probably curse myself, but I just feel so pleased to be there. I have set up my desk space with my materials and inspiration board and a vase with flowers in it and succulents and nice books about art and being there just feels right. I am really fortunate to be able to go back and finish my degree while Theo is small - I know a lot of people have children and don't get the chance to go back. It is basically C's dream to be a stay at home dad, so he's putting in the long yards with Theo until the end of the year - something he genuinely enjoys and is fantastic at. When I do take Theo out by myself C always says how much he missed Theo. My hours are pretty flexible at uni but I have a lot of work to do on my major studio project this year, so I will be there 5 days a week all day, sometimes into the early evening, and meeting up with C and Theo for lunch (and breastfeeding) in the middle of the day. So far I think it's working really well. I have decided that I won't do work at home if I can help it and I will try not to do work on the weekends so that I can spend time with my family. I am still tossing up what I want to do next year - there are three options - I can do a Masters of Teaching by distance for two years, I can do Honours (and then the Masters later) or I can start a second degree in a completely different field. I've got a whole year to decide, but I'm not really feeling pulled in any particular direction. Who knows!?