Worn | Back To School


Today was my first day back at university. Because it is my final year (of my degree, I'm still going to do a two year masters afterwards), I was allocated my own desk and space in the uni to set myself up and work from, which felt kind of special. I haven't filled my space with anything yet, but I'll be going in tomorrow to pin some things up, inspiration and the like, and to start working. I am feeling really positive about the year, though I really don't have much of an idea what my final project will look like at the moment.


My bike is looking a bit naked at the moment because I took the lovely skirt guard and back fender off. I'll put them back on soon, but my back fender has broken in two and was rattling around on my back tyre and I've been meaning to fix it for forever, though I'm still not entirely sure how. I assume it's made of aluminium and that I'll have to solder it back together or something. Bummer.

My university campus is about a four minute bike ride from my house, so riding there each day was a given. My hours this semester are great (no early mornings! no long days!) so I can continue breastfeeding and spending as much time with Theo (and C) as I can. A lady I'm friends with at uni just had a baby and is bringing her sweet little 3 month old girl, Daisy, to classes! I'm not so game with my fidgety, gets-into-everything, chatterbox almost 9 month old.