The Nook | Volume 1


As I've mentioned a few times recently (I'm really excited about my nook obviously!), I have my own little space at uni now where I can sit all day and make things in (relative) privacy and stick things all over the walls. I share the space with a couple of other people but each of our spaces is pretty private and we don't have to interact with one another if we don't want to. I thought I'd share some pictures of what it looks like right now - it doesn't have much in it yet as I'm still starting out and developing my major project, but I'm really enjoying having a dedicated spot to sit and make things. The only problem is that as soon as I sit down, the time flies by. The fact that the sun still doesn't set until 8pm is a bit deceptive - but that will change pretty soon and Tasmania's 4pm Winter sunsets will be normal again.


The subject I'm doing is called Studio Project A and it's part 1 of a 2 part unit that runs until the end of the year, wherein you develop and create a self set project. There are several assessable items in the unit and a class for 3 hours once a week, but the majority of it is self directed making. I'm based generally in the area of mixed media, but thankfully I don't have to choose a 'major' (painting, drawing, ceramics, etc) because it would be so difficult to choose just one medium.


Hopefully I'll get to share some of the work I do in this space and the messes made. I've started working with some ideas about my childhood and it's kind of nice to unearth some of those memories.