Worn | Dots


I bought this skirt from Dangerfield recently on sale and I like to wear it around the house with an apron on while I cook. It probably makes C laugh because I am so not domestic (he is though). But I do like to cook. Tonight I'm making delicious fluffy pesto polenta with roast potatoes and pumpkin.


I wish I could find a way to stop my nail polish from chipping after two days! No amount of top coats will make it last.


I was a ridiculously photogenic child, but these days 99% of photos I see of myself I am pulling a ridiculous face in (there are some crackers in our wedding photos - when I laugh, my whole face laughs and I have untagged myself in so many Facebook photos). Lately when C takes my picture he makes me jump up in the air and then takes photos of me afterwards and I always look happy because my skirt has usually flown up above my head mid-jump and revealed my underwear (I'll spare you those photos) and C is laughing at me and I've made a fool of myself. Works every time.

NB. I only do this in the privacy of my own backyard, heh.